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  *New right click command, 'Open file in explorer'
  *New columns: encoding/tag type/path/directory/file date/file time
  *Added support for Bad ID3v2.3 tags using ID3v2.2 frames
  *Library added fields compilation,content group,conductor, media type
  *Library small UI changes
  *Support for the Initial Key field
  *Option to use the current folder for Open/Save file dialogs
  *Added miscellaneous options for the grid appearance   
  *Restructure: 'Remove empty folders' option added
  *Restructure: Added support for presets
  *Restructure: 'Other files' can now include entire folders (e.g *.m3u;\covers )
  *Drag n Drop allowed for template image
  *Library: improved list parsing for tones/styles and added situation,composer,genre
  *Library: listings used on tree
  *Library: Added artist rating
  *Workflow recap
  *Presets dialog enhanced
  *All controls that accept %variables have a context menu attached
  *Option for ID3v2 language descriptor added
  *Grid column presets remember row height, header height, word wrap
  *Internal optimizations
  *Updated compiler, support for high DPI screens
  *Option to keep original track padding

  *Rename: Preview will no longer produce an empty result under some circumstances
  *Rename: Illegal character removal is executed after the work flow
  *Minor script engine corrections
  *%!u<ulpfs>% case variables corrected
  *Library, Unicode temporary playlist is used for play and enqueue operations
  *Web queries containing certain Unicode characters work correctly
  *Presets dialog smaller fixes
  *Library track sorting fixed
  *some regex functionality restored
  *%R% variable padding fix for mp4 files
  *Small Online script updates +++
  *Minor Restructure fix for illegal folder names
  *Command line decoding with flac.exe always uses the -F switch (skip decoding errors)
  *Illegal folder names ending with '.' fixed during restructure
  *Organize/restructure script combo will refresh correctly
  *Full tag edit: deleting pictures always refreshes the display correctly
  *Library: minor UI fixes
  *Library random record generator fixes

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No beta is available at this time.

(Updating to IE10 or greater might be required for some online scripts to work correctly.)





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