Version .80 : Get manual edit function back ?

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Version .80 : Get manual edit function back ?

Postby wolliballa » Thu Jan 13, 2011 8:15 pm

I understand from changelog, that manual edit button with its functions has been taken away...
Where there any technical reasons to do this?
I currently use 07.x version and find manual edit funtions very usefull and handy to accomplish. Much easier than to use the tag functions as they are now.( e.g. fill in one tag line / just use copy/ paste to transfer selected fields of selected range incl. picture..... )

Any suggestions?

After further playing around I at least discovered that all (?) features are still there but need (for the things I used to do) much more clicks ( e.g. CTRL+C / CTRL missing...). So just having the old button back would be fine. However I will give .80 a chance ;-)

Any hint how to display former column 'Picture (present)' or even better to rearrange/select rows to be displayed?
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Re: Version .80 : Get manual edit function back ?

Postby jbscout » Mon Mar 28, 2011 3:58 am

wolliballa wrote:Any suggestions?

I have learned to use
from the "Tag" tab -> right-click menu -> "Full Tag Edit (Cntrl+G)"

Not the same, but most of the way there.

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